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Hacking Telus

After finding Martin H.’s blog while looking at DC-DC power harvesting, I noticed he linked to a hack for a microSD adapter. Rather than paying a few dollars for an SD breakout board, it seemed more advantageous to get some solder practice under my belt and open up SD storage.

Using my flux pen on the contacts made for a good flow without too much solder. Taping the adapter to the table before soldering was enough to secure it.


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2013-08-26 · 01:47

It’s here! My Teensy 3.0 finally arrived.

Fresh from its continental crossing from Sparkfun in Colorado, my Teensy 3.0 was delivered today by Canada Post.

After picking up some 0.6mm tin/lead/silver solder from The Source (thanks for the recommendation, Greg!), I was able to solder headers on this ARM bad boy, and get to the tutorials.

Designed by Paul J. Stoffregen, the Teensy 3.0 is an ARM Cortex M4-based (Freescale MK20DX128) micro-controller board designed with some serious horsepower under the hood. Wooed by the Arduino library compatibility (Teensyduino & Paul commits updates to the Arduino project regularly), the active support forms, and superior firepower (3 UARTs!), I was unprepared for the changes needed when using libraries written for 8-bit AVR libraries with 32-bit ARM addressing. While there is definitely a bigger learning curve compared to a standard Arduino board, the lower cost of entry and the flexibility of breadboard circuit experimenting has made for a positive experience overall.

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