It’s here! My Teensy 3.0 finally arrived.

Fresh from its continental crossing from Sparkfun in Colorado, my Teensy 3.0 was delivered today by Canada Post.

After picking up some 0.6mm tin/lead/silver solder from The Source (thanks for the recommendation, Greg!), I was able to solder headers on this ARM bad boy, and get to the tutorials.

Designed by Paul J. Stoffregen, the Teensy 3.0 is an ARM Cortex M4-based (Freescale MK20DX128) micro-controller board designed with some serious horsepower under the hood. Wooed by the Arduino library compatibility (Teensyduino & Paul commits updates to the Arduino project regularly), the active support forms, and superior firepower (3 UARTs!), I was unprepared for the changes needed when using libraries written for 8-bit AVR libraries with 32-bit ARM addressing. While there is definitely a bigger learning curve compared to a standard Arduino board, the lower cost of entry and the flexibility of breadboard circuit experimenting has made for a positive experience overall.


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