Motor prep

Feeling better this aft, so I prepared two motors: the Matsushita FMD02700B4 from the 5.25″ floppy drive, and an unmarked stepper from an optical drive.

Matsushita stepper motor

Matsushita stepper motor

Solder on flex cable

Solder on flex cable

The latter motor was connected with a ribbon cable, so it required some soldering to connect to a bread board. The Matsushita has decent wired connector that accepts 22AWG quite easily.

Optical stepper motor assembly

Optical stepper motor assembly



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2 responses to “Motor prep

  1. Hi. Great work! I’ve a couple of matsushita motors like yours, and I was wondering how did you attach the gear at the end of the shaft (there’s a picture of that in another blog entry). My motors are assembled with rivets and I’m afraid that if I remove them I won’t be able to put it together again.

    • Hi Frederico, thanks for the comment!
      To remove the end cap of the motor, I used a rotary cutting disc. This is a destructive process, and I recommend taping up the motor to protect against metal dust from lodging inside. Of course, always use personal safety gear. 🙂
      The end cap, which is stamped into the motor bracket, contains a brass insert and a Teflon or similar disc to reduce friction. Be sure to save all the pieces, as they likely will come in handy. Also bear in mind the shaft needs some lateral tension to keep the shaft aligned.
      In my case, the plastic gear from the printer fit on the end of the worm gear. I saved the sawed-off end cap and reused it to keep the shaft aligned & with proper tension.
      I hope this info helps! Keep me updated with your progress & I’ll link to it.
      Thanks again.

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