Hacking a inkjet

Hoping it might contain a stepper motor, I picked up a Photosmart 325 at the local thrift store for $10. Unfortunately, this compact photo printer from 2004 was designed with a DC motor and encoders. As the linear mechanism seemed solid enough, I decided to see if I could hack it to be driven by the Matsushita FMD02700B4 I harvested from an old 5.25″ floppy drive. This hack involved cutting, grinding, and rerouting the drive belt.

Here are some photos of the process:

IMAGE00045 IMG_20140330_193633 IMG_20140330_181336 IMG_20140330_021057 IMG_20140330_223439 IMG_20140330_193633

Matsushita stepper motor

Matsushita stepper motor


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