New steppers have arrived

Fresh from the journey from ShenZhen (via Thailand), these NEMA 17 motors have a rotation of 3.75 degrees and a phase resistance of 6.4 ohms. They are rated 5VDC at 0.5A, and are manufactured by the Minebea Motor Manufacturing Corp. The cost was under $10 each on eBay, with free (3 week) shipping.

Unfortunately the leads included have an incorrect connector, but I managed to carefully force one in order to test. As this places significant strain on the motor connector, it is not advisable to operate these motors long-term with the incorrect connector. Here are some photos.

Solid motor with incorrect connector. Notice the notches on the motor connector that do not match the supplied connector.

Significant strain is placed on the connector due to the mismatch.

While OK for testing, operating a motor with the incorrect connector will lead to premature failure.

I await a response from the eBay merchant as to how they will correct this problem. Stay tuned!


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