Open heart surgery


OK, maybe not as dramatic, but it was just as vital.

With my final project deadline extended a week, I took a couple days of downtime to catch up on sleep. The all-nighters were adding up. Now I’m back and making some minor changes and a few fixes. Hopefully the thing will drive in reverse without catching on fire. If you don’t hear from me, send help.

Firmware for the not has been fleshed out and I’m looking forward to getting it coded. The loop is simple, checking the status of each input and setting a flag. That flag is passed to the three output functions, which run after the input stage. One exception is the turnaround() function, which is called by an interrupt on the whisker pin. Some output functions call themselves to complete a series of drive commands, for instance. This keeps things simple.

More to come.


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2015-04-23 · 20:05

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